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Natalia Verzhbovska

Natalia Verzhbovska comes from Kiev (The Ukraine). First, she studied piano and musicology at the state run Tschaikovskij-conservatorium. After completing her studies, she was a piano teacher, accompanist and coach for many years.


Following her Jewish study programme at “Paideia” in Stockholm (Sweden), she worked as a programme director in Moscow for the community centre “MEOD” and also as a co-ordinator for the Jewish education programmes for the Union of Progressive Judaism in Russia (OROSIR).


In 2015 Natalia Verzhbovska completed her studies in Jewish Theology to become a rabbi at the University of Potsdam and received her ordination from the Abraham Geiger College.


She is the liberal rabbi for the Union of progressive Jewish communities in NRW and works in the communities of Cologne, Oberhausen and Unna. She is married and has a son. She lives with her husband, Rabbi Alexander Lyskovoy in Cologne. 


Jeder Euro hilft uns, um das Synagogen Gebäude renovieren zu können.


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