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The Liberal Jewish Community Gescher LaMassoret welcomes any donation to continue offering cultural and religious events. Your donation contributes to the (re)construction and development of liberal Jewish life in Cologne.


The Jewish Liberal Community Cologne Gescher LaMassoret is currently in an interim state due to the extensive renovation of the synagogue. Because of the significant need for renovation, the community has had to relocate to various other premises since 2019. In addition to the renovation of the interior on the ground and basement levels of the synagogue, the outdoor area in the backyard also needs to be renewed. The architectural firm Paul Böhm, known for its expertise, has taken over the planning for the synagogue's reconstruction, and the design planning was completed in early 2023.


We kindly request your support to successfully implement this renovation project. Donations are of great importance to enable the renovation of the synagogue and to strengthen liberal Judaism in Cologne and beyond. Every contribution, large or small, is valuable and helps us build a welcoming and contemporary community. Every euro helps us offer more community activities.


To ensure that your donation reaches us directly and that you receive a valid tax-deductible donation receipt, please transfer your donation to the following account:


JLGK Gescher LaMassoret

Sparda Bank Cologne

IBAN: DE86 3706 0590 0000 4358 94


Intended use: renovation of synagogue JLGK


Please include your address in the purpose of your transfer so that we can send you your donation receipt.


We are grateful for your generosity and solidarity. With your financial support, you help us create a place of prayer, learning, and interreligious dialogue. Together, we can further develop liberal Judaism in Cologne and promote an open and inclusive community.


Jeder Euro hilft uns, die Gemeinde am Leben zuhalten


JLGK Gescher LaMassoret
Sparda Bank Köln
IBAN: DE86 3706 0590 0000 4358 94

Oder direkt PayPal





Telefon: 0221 2870424 (AB)