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Becoming a member



Jews can become members of Gescher LaMassoret. Our Rabbi can help with any questions of queries about a Jewish status.

Non-Jews can also support the community and become a member of the “friends of the synagogue”.


There is also the possibility for non-Jews to convert to Judaism Giur.  


The way to Judaism is a long learning process and includes an exam. We definitely do not promote this possibility – Judaism does not support the idea of missionary work.


Please contact us if you have further questions or would like to be a member.


Jeder Euro hilft uns, die Gemeinde am Leben zuhalten


JLGK Gescher LaMassoret
Sparda Bank Köln
IBAN: DE86 3706 0590 0000 4358 94

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Telefon: 0221 2870424 (AB)